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Why Aren’t You Binging These Shows?

That is a misleading title, since you might very well be binging these shows as we speak.


Great. I’m glad we cleared that up.

Now the reason we’re really here: I had a great weekend.

Like, got sh*t done but also lazed around and caught up on all my stories, aka my TV SHOWS.

And I realized, we’ve never discussed what I’m binging and what I feel it’s my public duty to advise you to binge on as well.

So here we are. It’s happening. First go see Love, Simon in theatres and get a good cry out.

And then block off like 20-40 hours to take in my top picks of binge-worthy shows you should be watching right now.

Most of these are available on Netflix or for purchase off iTunes (or Hulu if you’re in the US you lucky jerks!).

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace

Ok long title. But worth it. This FX series storytelling the life and death of serial killer, Andrew Cunanan is just as addictive as Cunanan’s desire to make his mark on the world. While this is about Versace and his unfortunate murder, the way Darren Criss portays Cunanan truly steals the show and it’s hard to wonder if he doesn’t have a little sociopath in him, himself. He is JUST THAT CONVINCING. If I’m being honest, I didn’t love it as much as The O.J. Simpson Trial but it definitely captured my attention and was worth the watch.

Santa Clarita Diet

So after Versace, you probably want something lighter but still need to phase out the murdery-ness. Enter Santa Clarita Diet. This Netflix series is absolutely adorable and Timothy Olyphant and Drew Barrymore are the dare-I-say perfect pairing as a husband and wife duo dealing with said wife’s untimely death and sudden undeath? Barrymore’s a zombie and the fam is just trying to work through it while maintaining their normalcy in their quaint, Californian neighborhood. Take comedic timing of this pair, combine it with the dry humor of Liv Hewson (playing their daughter Abby) and the nerdy but sweet neighbor, Eric (played by Skylar Gisondo – who is growing to be my fave!), and you have a show that somehow makes light of the zombie apocalypse and even finds the funnies in this bizarre core concept. Plus the 30-minute episodes make zipping through two seasons easy, so like watch it OK? I am definitely obsessed.

Alone Together

All right let’s discuss Alone Together. This isn’t a show I would typically check out (ok, it’s produced by Andy Samberg and his Lonely Island team, so like yes, yes it is) but with one season, ten episodes, I decided to give it a shot. Though it’s apparent that the two leads are still finding their groove in the acting world over the first couple episodes, I am SO happy I stuck with it because it is f*cking funny as hell. Esther and Benji (played by creators and writers Esther Potivsky and Benji Afalo) are hilariously relatable as two single-millennials friends trying to make it in LA while staying afloat and fighting off third-party feedback that their codependency as friends-with-no-benefits is unhealthy and also confusing to those not in on the concept. It is so interesting to watch them navigate through this storyline and I love that the will-they, won’t-they narrative has been taken completely off the table. It’s funny, it’s an easy watch and you will either love it or hate it, but you have to give it a try to know.


Do you love The Bachelor like I do? Of course you do, why else would you still be reading this? Lifetime show, UnReal, co-created by ex-producer of the REAL Bachelor series, Sarah Gertrude Shapiro, gives you a dark and twisted look behind the curtains of the famous franchise and it is just as addictive as the original reality show it’s based off of. With two female leads in charge of production for the fictional series, Everlasting, you get a sense that the apple of reality TV doesn’t fall far from the fictional tree and it is kind of nuts to see how producers and cast members prod and plot to make it far in the game for their own personal agenda. As leads Quinn and Rachel, Constance Zimmer and Shiri Appleby play off of one another with ease and the ups and downs you explore over the first two seasons (season three is now airing) are hopefully just the beginning as this show could hook me for the long haul as a longtime Bachelor superfan.

Jane The Virgin

I urge you to watch Jane The Virgin. Gina Rodriguez is going to seriously do BIG things and I want you to know her now, before it all happens, so you know how it all happened. There is something so warm and inviting about this show, about young Jane who is artificially inseminated and finds herself pregnant though still a virgin. With four seasons to take in, the characters have developed into rich and loveable moments of my weekly watch. Though certain storylines can seem over the top, the show never wavers from family-friendly, lightly comedic and all around feel good. It is a true pleasure to watch this show and you can tell there is a sense of love on the set that jumps off the screen. If you like anything CW, rom-coms or YA-series, you will be into this one and feel soooo good about it too.

Those are my picks, so as always, the question lies: have you watched any? Which one will you pick first? And what did I miss?

Sound off in the comments below because you know I’m jonesing for a new binge, x.


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