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The Bachelor – Arie Episode 4 Recap

So I was late to the game in last night’s episode.

I honestly turned on my TV at 8:04 – did it start early or something?

I missed Sienne’s whole date, Maquel finding out about her grandpa and leaving and cut straight to the group date and Krystal in all her glory.

So the whole gang headed to Tahoe and somehow all of these ladies packed faux furs and chunky knits?

I will never understand how people pack for these shows. It seems damn near impossible to fit everything from ballgowns to CHUNKY KNITS and FUR VESTS.

How much luggage do they get to bring? Is this a Big Brother situation where they have limited time to pack or do they get leeway to carefully craft their choices?

I will get to the bottom of that, but let’s dive back in to the ep.

So where I started was Tia and another girl (clearly I’m on my game this season – does anyone else feel like all the brunette real estate agents look alike?) confront Krystal about her behaviour on the group date and you know, just in general.

I can fully appreciate that Tia calls Krystal out on victimizing herself – she does this constantly and again, I know she has a tough backstory but gf this is not the time or space to use that as a reason to be catty.

She actually has the nerve to turn it around on Tia and say that she wouldn’t be dealing with this bullsh-t if it weren’t for Arie.

GIRL! Are you kidding me?! I would think this was all chalked up to editing had they not shown her BTS whispering to another brunette a couple weeks ago. She genuinely thinks that her connection with Arie is the strongest and it definitely is strong (because she commands so much of his time) but it is not the only one.

Tia being the smart girl that she is, turned the negative situation into a positive and escaped for some 1:1 time with Arie.

Seriously, low-budget JoJo is actually growing on me, also I LOVED her open back knit and it looks like her move worked because she got the group date rose.

Now back to Krystal – she is actually unraveling week-after-week and it’s sad but she has no idea it’s happening.

She described herself as coming across flawless – babe if you think you’re flawless in this situation you have another thing coming.

Let’s jump in to Bekah’s date. We finally get an age reveal and shocker Arie is totes fine with it.

Why wouldn’t he want to keep her? Everyone he dates is within her age bracket. His ex was 26 – this is not that far off.

What I care more about is whether you heard his Mmm kissing sound during the MO sessions.

Did you hear it? Did you hate it? Can you not unhear it now? I need to know. It’s making me insane so I’m trying to encourage you to hear it so we can commiserate.

The two other points I wanted to make on her date are a) she looks like a small child when she has her arms wrapped around his neck and is hanging off him. THIS is where I really saw the age difference. b) Did ya see when they kissed at the end of their convo and his hand went THROUGH her hoop earring? This is serious skill.

Arie is here to play and if he’s caught any wind of Nick Viall’s situation post-Bachelor, his sliminess is setting himself up nicely for a celeb girlfriend in the next 6-8 months.

Finally there was no rose ceremony – Arie knows what he needs to do. OF COURSE Krystal needs to make it about herself – SHOCKER.

But ultimately the end result remains the same and we’re set up for an eventful next week.

Now I wanted to end on something V serious. GLAM-SHAMING. I have never heard of this but I’m into it and while I recognize how ridiculous it is, it is something that I want to make happen. How do we make this happen? Who came up with this? It was Reality TV Gold.

That person needs a promotion.

Anyway, that’s all from me this week on The Bachelor. Keep chatting with me via Insta Stories and let’s see how this sh-t unfolds, x.

PS – some of you have asked me for my Top 4 and I don’t have a strong vibe just yet – I am feeling Tia, Becca, Bekah and Krystal if she can hold on to it.

But I’m going to watch with 100% attention next week (and learn all of their names) and make a more educated decision.

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