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10 Brilliantly Bad Movies to Watch on Netflix

Ok, since I couldn’t watch The Bachelor Women Tell All on Sunday OR Monday, I am trying to divert your attention away from discussing it.

So today’s TV Tuesday isn’t going to be about TV at all.

We are talking my favorite pasttime: Netflix and Chill Baby!

Obviously I’m not referring to it the way the kids do these days but still, sometimes there is nothing better than a quality Netflix and Chill session complete with snacks, sweatpants and all the coziness the couch or bed has to offer.

Because I typically discuss crappy TV on Tuesdays, I figured why not just put it all out there and share 10 of my favorite brilliantly bad movies that you must watch on Netflix and why, duh.

So what is the criteria that makes these so bad?

  • Below mediocre acting
  • A predictable storyline
  • And of course my fave: a nonsensical happy ending

These are by no means the 10 Best Bad Movies but these are what is available right now and what I definitely think you need to take a gander at.

1. Chalet Girl

Please give me Chuck Bass and a poor little former snowboarding champion tucked away in the mountains. She needs to pay the bills after her mother passed away and he’s found something real that he didn’t even know he was looking for.

2. Can’t Buy Me Love

Let’s get one thing straight. This movie is not bad. This is a true 80s classic where Patrick Demspey (yes, McDreamy) is the dorky high school nerd looking to shake things up. Cut to Cindy, the popular cheerleader next door who needs to make cash fast after she ruins a suede suit of her moms (see SO 80s). He pays her, she helps him be cool and of course in the end, TRUE LOVE.

3. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

UGH this might be one of my favorite movies ever! Matt McConaughey and Kate Hudson are a delight on screen as they play each other for their own professional gain. The acting is on point for an over-the-top script and in the end it’s a true feel good, funny flick with hilarious one liners and strong on-screen chemistry.

4. 13 Going on 30

Give me Jennifer Garner as a 13 year-old in a 30 year-old’s body and Mark Ruffalo and I’m like SOLD. This movie is just so cute. I don’t want to give too much away but 30 year-old Jenn G is trapped in her 13 year-old brain and as a former Type-A power woman she realizes there’s more to life than blindsiding those around you for success.

5. Good Kids

Another teen dream film where four overachieving friends from high school set out to reinvent themselves after graduation. Loser friends in high school trying to start again is always the perfect foundation for a little drama, a hint of romance and a whole lot of self discovery.

6. The First Time

OK for real, I love this movie. It’s all about losing your virginity and the awkwardness that comes after it. Dave, is a high school senior who’s pining over a girl that barely notices him. Aubrey is a junior he meets at a party, with an older boyfriend. They have an instant connection, an even strong chemistry and things go from friendship to first love before either even realizes it.

7. Magic Mike

ABS. ABS. ABS. MORE ABS. The loosely based-on-a-true-Channing-Tatum-story about a group of male strippers who take a younger, first-timer under their wing. I really don’t have more to say except it’s a lot of hot bodies, sexy dance moves and a sub-plot of bromance between the strippers.

8. A Cinderella Story

Hilary Duff and Chad Michael Murray star in a literal modern-day Cinderella story. If you don’t know the story, it’s two evil step sisters, a wicked step mother and the prince just trying to find the girl who lost her slipper. I can’t get over that these people don’t recognize one another because really the only ‘cover’ HD wears to the ball is a masquerade mask and if CMM can’t tell who she is simply because she’s in a mask, then we have bigger problems in her future.

9. Safe Haven

OF COURSE there had to be a Nicholas Sparks adapted film on here. Julianne Hough moves to a small Nancy Meyers-esque town but is hiding a dark secret from her past? Recipe for s u c c e s s. Pepper in Josh Duhamel as a widowed, single dad and you legit have a hit on your hands. The acting is terrible, the plot moderately worse but the picturesque landscape and cute kiddos makes up for it.

10. License to Wed

Put Robin Williams, John Krasinski and Mandy Moore in a film together and you think it would be a smash hit. Well it wasn’t by Hollywood’s standards but by mine it’s an A+. Robin Williams is an eccentric minister taking the couple-to-be through his prenuptial course in preparation for their wedding in a swift 3 weeks. It’s cringe-worthy for the over the tip hijinks but adorable overall and I love watching all three actors and their chemistry on-screen.

Honorable Mention: ANYTHING DISNEY from the 2000s i.e. Princess Protection Program, High School Musical 1, 2 or 3 and Camp Rock.

I also have to tell you that this barely scratched the surface and on My List on Netflix I have a collection of potentially amazing terrible movies that I have yet to check out.

So expect this to be updated or for me to provide an entirely new list after I have a chance to review a new batch.

Tell me, have you watched any of the movies above and if not, which one are you most interested to check out?!

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