work e-mails.

between myself and married friend.

the thunder from down under guy sexy blue eyes is going to be on ellen tomorrow HAHAHA

Oh my gosh remember how we were in love? I do, it was fantastic making eyes at an Australian male stripsy….Im so eff tired its ridic…seriously napping in the car at lunch today, see you latro on the menjay life.

What chu doin today

well alex i have quite the day planned…right now i am sitting leaving a nice ass print on my couch watching Ellen (standard morning)…. in about 30 minutes I will stand up and wash the 2 dishes in my sink….then contemplate either laying on the couch all day enjoying the glory of being able to eat a sandwich for lunch… or going out to buy an agenda because ive been looking for a cute one for a while now (because obvi my busy days of ellen watching and ass print making need to be scheduled).

wow, your life is so much better than mine.

disclaimer: its true, I actually talk like this via e-mail & real life. I have issues

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