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It’s a new year and with that I have a new set of incredible women I’m eager to share in the Women Making Waves feature. I started this feature as a way to share badass chicks who are doing cool shit in their respective fields. The response was super overwhelming in the past year and I am excited as we grow Ya, We’re Basic. to involve more wonderful women on the site and the podcast. So without further delay, I’m sharing 2019’s first Woman Making Waves: Yvonne Chan.

Yvonne Chan is the owner of The Mama Coach in Toronto. She is a prenatal educator, sleep consultant, lactation counselor, HSF certified CPR instructor, a Registered Nurse and a mom of two little ones. The Mama Coach is a nationwide group of Registered Nurses who work independently with families to provide support through education. We use clinical assessment skills and look at the whole picture without judgement to come up with an individualized plan that works for you and your baby! Our mission is to make motherhood easier! We use our unique Mama Coach approach that is based on empathy, science, and evidence-based information to give families the tools they need to teach their babies to sleep. The Mama Coach – Yvonne Chan is registered with the College of Nurses of Ontario, the governing body for Registered Nurses in Ontario.

Women Making Waves

Tell us a bit about yourself!

My name is Yvonne Chan. I am a registered nurse and the owner of The Mama Coach in Toronto. I love being a mom to my two kiddos and a life partner to my husband, Paul. I had the opportunity to live in some of the best cities in the world! Here’s a quick tour to the places I lived: I was born in Hong Kong and moved to the Bay Area, California when I was 8 years old. I lived in San Diego, California for 4 years and received my undergraduate degree from UCSD. I spent 3 years in Beantown, Boston for Nursing School, moved to Toronto in 2009 for graduate school, fell in love and started a family. The things I love to do most is playing sports, being outdoors, and enjoying nice wines. I suppose I can be called a foodie. I love traveling, spending time with my family and being a Mama Coach educating and supporting families with little ones.

What’s your zodiac sign?


What inspired you to start your business?

I was a Critical Care Nurse for 9 years and wanted to expand my scope and have a positive impact outside of a hospital setting. I transitioned to a healthcare tech startup working to implement electronic health record software for community and mental health clinics, where I got a great sense of the “business” side of healthcare.

I started The Mama Coach business in Toronto because I wanted to merge my clinical experience with the business exposure. In addition, it was the perfect opportunity to continue growing my career and be flexible for my busy family.

What does a day in the life of YOU look like?

The days are structured chaos. Snooze the 7 AM alarm until one of my kids wake up. Shulfer the kids to school. Inhale caffeine and fill my belly with something healthy. Try to get a workout at least 3 times a week. 9AM – get to work! Visit clients, respond to emails, and phone calls. Fill my belly with something nutritious. More work – client visits, respond to emails, and phone calls. 3PM – pick up kids, prep dinner, dinner, family time. 7PM – Kids in bed!

The evenings are where the fun begins! Laundry, errands (groceries), and clean up…This isn’t what most people consider fun? Oh right! Most of my evenings are spent relaxing and hanging out plus the activities listed above.

What’s the hardest part of being a Boss Babe? The best part?

The hardest part of being a Boss Babe is having to continuously put myself out there in the eye of the public. I took the Myers Briggs Test yesterday while I was out grabbing a drink with the group of women I play basketball with every Wednesday night. I found out that I am not as much of an extrovert as I thought. Since becoming a business owner, I find that I may be an extravert in my personal life but very much an introvert in my work life.

The best part of being a Boss Babe is the flexibility – I get out what I put into it.

What’s the biggest message you want to share through your platform?

Set the correct expectations for yourself and for others. Being a parent is so rewarding, but it can be challenging at times! It is okay to need help. There is support out there for moms, so don’t be afraid to reach out to your “village” – family, friends, and supportive parent groups and businesses!

Best piece of advice you can give up and coming boss babes?

Find a good network of support, like-minded boss babes. Focus on building relationships with those people and stop worrying about the competition. Set realistic expectations and be honest with yourself. There are many ways to get your business known out there, do what works for you, it is better being yourself than trying to be something you are not to gain business.

Do you have a daily mantra or affirmation?

“You do you, be yourself.”

How would this Boss Babe describe herself?

I am a fun, level-headed, hard working, approachable person who gets straight to the point!

Plug yourself! Give us some shameless self promotion and let us know what you’re currently up to!

I am a sleep consultant, prenatal educator, lactation counselor, certified Heart and Stroke Foundation CPR instructor, a Registered Nurse and a mom of two adorable children!

The Mama Coach is a nationwide group of Registered Nurses who work with families to provide support through education. Our mission is to make motherhood easier! As registered nurses, we do not teach typical “sleep training”. We give evidence informed advice with zero judgement. Each and every Mama Coach™ is a Registered Nurse. We offer qualified support based on your specific parenting goals, and we bring empathy and understanding to make meeting those goals easier. We look extensively at feeding, development, weight gain, and your child’s circadian rhythm to determine the best way to find sleep. 

Find Yvonne on Instagram and The Mama Coach on Facebook and feel free to reach out and connect!

Thank you Yvonne for sharing your story x!


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