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Women Making Waves: Fiona Stewart of Slip Silk

Tell us a bit about yourself!

I live in Australia with my partner, Justin, and our two young boys, Remy and Louis. Before we founded Slip in 2004, I was at 20th Century Fox Films as a State Manager, but have always been huge into beauty! When I’m not catching up on email (my phone is basically my office!) I love traveling and spending time with my family.

What’s your zodiac sign?


What inspired you to start your business?

Slip was born out of my own struggles with side effects from acne medication. I was experiencing side effects like hair loss and very dry and sensitive skin and was waking up with sleep creases – my dermatologist suggested switching to a silk pillowcase. Back then, it wasn’t as easy as to find a pure silk pillowcase as it is today and I ultimately ended up wrapping a some silk around my pillow. The results were incredible! Justin and I started shortly after.

What does a day in the life of YOU look like?

Between raising two boys and running my own company, I’m not sure there’s a routine “day in the life.” A few things are constant – like starting my day very early, around 5a.m. or so and breakfast with the whole family. I love my beauty and hair regime and though I like to try new products, there’s a few favorites I’ll always use like my Dr. Dennis Gross skincare or anything Ouai by our favorite, Jen Atkin. The majority of my afternoon is spent catching up with my Australian team, emailing my international teams, and lots of driving to soccer practices.

What’s the hardest part of being a Boss Babe? The best part?

The best part is the opportunity to run your own show, hire and inspire women and to partner with so many amazing women. The beauty industry is filled with so many inspirational amazing females and I’m so grateful to have met so many of them. The hardest part is maintaining a work/life balance and making time for my boys – they are my biggest priority, no matter what.

What’s the biggest message you want to share through your platform?

Slip is very much an easy switch – everyone should be sleeping on Slip! Slip is recommend by dermatologists, beauty experts and hairdressers.  If you are spending money on lotions, potions and blowouts, Slip needs to be part of your beauty routine.  You will never go back to cotton!

Best piece of advice you can give up and coming boss babes?

Work hard.  Very hard. Support your fellow boss babes – there’s so many brilliant women in the professional world and it’s so fabulous to see them support one another.

Do you have a daily mantra or affirmation?

How can today be amazing?  I think that is a great question to ask yourself every morning.

How would this Boss Babe describe herself?

Hard working, motivated and in love with my family.

 Plug yourself! Give us some shameless self-promotion and let us know what you’re currently up to!

2018 is a huge year for Slip! We’ve recently launched our Slip Silk Scrunchies and Travel Sets, which have been a hit from many, in particular Britney Spears herself!! We also have so many celebrity fans, including the Kardashian’s (who have all posted about us on their app!!), Jen Atkin, Lauren Conrad and many more. Stay tuned a few more fabulous launches coming this year that we can’t wait to share!

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