Wine Tasting Night In!

Fall is well upon us, and it’s about time all the girls got together to talk vacation style, compare fading tan lines and make plans for the winter months ahead. So why not organize a wine tasting party at your house and invite your friends for a fun night in.

Take a look at these tips to plan a great event for all your girls to enjoy!

The wine

It’s a wine tasting party so make the wine your priority.

Wine Tasting- imalittle

Set up three stations of white, rose and red wine, then keep a bottle of bubbly to either start things off or finish the evening. Get a couple of bottles of each color- a fun idea is to select wines from around the world.

Red: France (Merlot, Bordeaux, Grenache) and Italy (Sangiovese, Trebbiano)

White: California (Cabernet Sauvignon, Chardonnay) and Argentina (Malbec, Chardonnay)

Rose: Spain (grapefruit and strawberry flavors) and England (fruity infused flavors, like rhubarb and berries)

 Serve your vino in large glasses to do the classic swirl that all connoisseurs do and get the full aroma (think of the Instagrams!). Keep the red wine at room temperature but leave the white, rose and bubbly on ice just before guests arrive.

The food

Put out some yummy snacks so that wine doesn’t go to anyone’s head too quickly.

Of course, you need cheese and olives (you can buy ready made packages at most supermarkets) but try to go that extra mile by selecting your own cheese, like Camembert, Gouda or Boursin. Serve crudités and dip (hummus or artichoke are two personal faves) and a selection of cured meats. You could buy a sweet dessert wine for afterwards, like Port or make something light and refreshing like a simple angel food cake or a delicious fruit kebobs.

The details

It’s the little details that will really personalize your night.

Make little labels for the stations, using cards and a calligraphy pen. You could extend this to the invitations for a super sophisticated touch. Then there’s the music to think about. Get a playlist going and ask your friends to add songs so everyone hears their favorite hits. Be prepared for some serious singing! You could also set a dress code so that the girls come in their finest dresses to bring a sense of occasion to the event.

Some good wine, good food and good friends are all that are needed for a successful wine tasting night. Get to organizing yours now and let me know how it goes xx!

*Images by Nick J Webb used under Creative Commons License.

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