Wild Rose D-Tox


As we head in to the holiday season, I am going to quickly recap my highlights from the recent Wild Rose D-Tox I just completed. You guys really wanted to know how it was and if it was difficult to stick to specifically so I’ve recapped the most common asked questions and the Good, the Bad and the Ugly of the experience.

To review the answers to your Q’s via Snap and Insta Story:

  • The cleanse is 12 days
  • There is no drinking alcohol or soda for the duration of the cleanse
  • You remove foods containing gluten, dairy, and most sugars
  • It’s in your best interest to block out a couple weeks without social engagements
  • Meals plans are key to the success of this cleanse (I will be sharing recipes in a future post)

The Good

I mean, the overall Good is obvious right?! You’re doing something freaking amaze balls for your insides and despite it feeling challenging or like you’re going to crack at certain times, at the end of the 12 days you will feel so energetic and happy that you’re system will be praising you!

I found by day 4 my energy had increased and I wasn’t waking up craving my usual cup of coffee (I did drink one cup of coffee daily because I love the taste but I seriously could’ve gone without by this point). By day 6 my energy had skyrocketed and I was able to manage work, blog, social and workouts with greater ease than I have in a long time.

Despite this not being my primary goal of the detox, I did lose 7 lbs which I could see and feel immediately in my clothing, especially my jeans. I am lucky that despite my weight fluctuating toward the end of the summer, I didn’t go up any clothing sizes but things were feeling a little tiiiiiiight, so this has absolutely helped. While I still have a few pounds to go to get back to my normal weight, I can say this successfully helped me jumpstart the process and have put a routine of exercise and diet in place that is easy to follow so I can continue on even after the cleanse.

The Bad

There’s the obvious: you can’t drink alcohol for the duration of the detox. I mean this is a Bad for me since I lurvvve my dirty martinis and red wine. It can also be pretty tough to maintain your social calendar if you tend to eat out a lot. You have to be so careful of condiments, dressings and unforeseen additives that it’s easiest to prep your own meals at home. That being said, I was able to head out a number of sporting events (drinking water and teas h e l l o) and had sashimi at a sushi dinner, so it is possible, you just have to plan in advance and make sure you are really committed to the cleanse.

There was a tough understanding curve when I told my friends I was going on the detox (sorry, I know I keep using detox/cleanse interchangeably…to me it’s same same). A few of them didn’t understand why I was doing it during baseball playoffs, leading up to the holidays and at the start of basketball season. It was quite funny actually that at first so many people were disappointed but they gradually get used to it so don’t let people discourage you, stick to your guns…YOU CAN DO THIS!

The Ugly

Ok, so now we are getting in to the nitty gritty. There are components of this detox that are not pretty. You are potentially going to feel crampy or gassy and will definitely experience all that comes after that, if you know what I mean…(look, you’re gonna poop I’m sorry but fyi you need all the facts).

So you’ve been warned.

It is in your best interest to cancel or push out any first dates and subsequent sleepovers for the two weeks that you’re on the cleanse as you will more than likely be uncomfortable for moments. But listen, the good thing is that you’ll be skinny AF and feel f’ing fantastic afterward so if there’s that. Seriously, my stomach has never been so flat, I am OK with what’s required to get there.


So there you have it…I am really glad I did this detox twice this year and I will be doing it again as I normally do in January after the holidays. If you want to join me in it in 2017 please let me know! I would absolutely love a support system and am happy to help you in any of your health and wellness goals.

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