“why does night me always hurt morning me?”

I’ve decided to blog tons today to increase my levels of mental alertness and add a spicy mix into the hectic crazy (not true) that is my day.

I checked up on my daily horo’s and I found this one particularly funny:

I made a joke about it on twitter, its probably the funniest joke you’ve ever heard in your life. You’re welcome.
The part about my partner acting on strange influences frightens me slightly…liiiiike are you on drugs man? What’s going on. This is by far the weirdest and sort of meanest horoscope ever. You’re telling all Virgos their lives are crap, they might need to stage an intervention and perhaps are too unhealthy to start a diet. Like why don’t I just jump out of a plane with no chute?

Great Friday bitterness going on…I feel like I’m expressing all the rage blackouts I can’t commit to externally without being fired. Just swell.

LDubbs brought up an important ponder via work e-mail today: “why does night me always hurt morning me?”

It is so true, like what the eff self? Who the hell does night me think this she is, going out on a weeknight, drinking lots of vino and staying up til the 1s and 2s, making ridiculous life-altering claims?! SHE’S NUTS!

Morning me is so responsible and pure of heart. She wants to get up at 6 and pack her weekender items in an organized fashion. She’s just soooo good, I love her like AK loves friendship after a bottle of pinot.

I need to find balance. Morning me is like the smart, but ugly sister (and she’s like rrrreally ugly, ask bf) & night me is like the popular bitch. There has to be a lovely bones inbetween.

This conversation needs to end but I will bring up on valid point: neither morning me or night me hold a candle to weekend me. Weekend me needs a friend, I just realized she’s my partner acting on strange influences. I think its time she and I talk.

Tonight we’ll go for togetherness.

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