IDK who’s lying: RHOBH Edition

I seriously don’t know what’s going on. Having marathoned this current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this past weekend, I had an idea of the Dorit-Teddi-LVP situation but not a true understanding of just how confused I was going to end up.

Everyone has receipts. Everyone is omitting fact that implicates their part in the matter. And everyone is neglecting to tell me IF THE DOGGO FOUND A FOREVER HOME.

Let’s retrace what happened here:

  • Dorit adopted a dog from Vanderpump Dogs
  • The doggo bit PK’s nose and someone close to the family was interested in taking her
  • That person couldn’t handle the dog so surrendered it to a shelter
  • Through the microchip in the dog the shelter identified that it was from VPD and returned it

There are also two people from VPD involved in this situation: John Blizzard event planner and John Sessa Lisa’s partner at the Center. It’s alleged that Lisa instigated a conversation between Sessa and Blizzard to bring up the dog during a visit from Kyle and Teddi.


Now jumping ahead to the end of episode 5 where I’m at, Lisa has shown Kyle and Dorit texts from John Blizzard implicating Teddi’s involvement as more than innocent. She told Blizzard to bring the dog and she’ll bring it up in the convo. What she’s feeling now is that LVP set that whole scenario up and was puppeteering the situation by pinning Teddi and Dorit against one another.

I AM SO CONFUSED. No one is innocent and no one is entirely right but what I need to know is whether or not LVP actually instigated any of this? We know she has a history of being manipulative but is she one to press a matter sooo long and hard if she didn’t believe she wasn’t the mastermind behind this?

And further, Sessa blatantly said that LVP doesn’t control him so shouldn’t somebody be asking him the hard-hitting questions and judge his level of involvement?

The last note I want to highlight is that there have been rumors of a VPD spin-off a la Vanderpump Rules and if that is true then this all makes so much sense. But how fcking duped will we all feel after this emotional rollercoaster of a season and how will the other women of RHOBH react should Andy play fairy godfather and grant LVP her third and final reality tv show wish?

We already have an idea of what Lisa Rinna thinks and is expecting a little kickback should that spin-off be the next move.

I def agree with a Rinna but again have to question if this is all a part of a bigger picture. Think about it: we’re here discussing this right now and I have been all weekend and should a spin-off come to be I will absolutely be turning in which will only help the entire franchise.

So we’re no better off than we were at the beginning of this post not at least we have the potential for more Bravo drama to unfold. Regardless of who’s right or wrong – which I can’t even comment on because it changes episode to episode – I’m here for this drama and cannot wait to see how this season comes to an end.

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