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It’s been another fabulous weekend and start to the new week. I had a quick pop over to Montreal (and will be headed back this weekend as well) and there’s no signs of life slowing down with Toronto Fashion Week coming up. I am looking forward to a month in the city, where I can catch up with family and friends and you know, SLEEP!

Before I get to it on this lovely Tuesday, I wanted to whip up a quick little post about one of my new and exciting shopping discoveries. Maybe it’s the tech nerd in me, but when I come across great brands or products online, I just have to share! So when I was introduced to West Egg, I thought it was such a simple idea for everyone to benefit and use.

West Egg is an exclusive community, providing users up to 80% off designer products. The whole concept is simple: purchase your item, mention the brand and model the product via Instagram using the hashtag #becomethemodel.

It’s actually that easy and not only do you get to share your most coveted finds, you get to snag them at a fraction of the price. This is a total win-win for me and y’all know I am fully ok with showcasing everything from apparel to accessories that I think you might love too.

Check out West Egg here and be sure to use my exclusive coupon code ‘wearwestegg’ to receive 10% off everything on the site.

Happy shopping!

PS: Follow me on Instagram @LEXNIKO to see how I #becomethemodel today!


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