{walnut ricotta pesto}

I apologize in advanced for the quality of these photos. They are absolutely not my best. This meal was just so visually delicious in real life that I couldn’t wait to dig in. The recipe is waaaay easier than it looks and is actually pretty quick to whip up. I’m going to mentally vault it for easy peasy weeknight pasta’s because by using light ricotta & whole wheat pasta it’s also not too bad for you health-wise {and I’m not making that up, I checked with my sister}. 

I used this recipe here and like I said, used light ricotta {a 450g container}, whole wheat pappardelle and I splurged with a 1/2 cup of parmigiano reggiano because it’s delicious. At Ms. Brioche’s suggestion, I saved 1 cup of  pasta water before I drained it to thin out the pesto and while I couldn’t find where she said to use the EVOO, I simply drizzled it while I mix all the ingredients in the pesto sauce and drizzled a bit more when I added the butter and pasta. 

The end result was a delicious, semi-nutritious, stress-free Saturday night meal. So try this one, it’s quickly going to become a simple but favourite indulgence of mine.

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