twinage is a curse on the world!

so twinnie & lorraine are on their nyc adventures. living with a trump baby and causing trouble for “the peas”…you know, the black eyed ones. tsk tsk twinnie, you are a baddie influence.

I miss my lil bunny. I miss knowing she’s across the street and we can watch movies and chat via bbm because we’re both too laze to walk to the other’s condo. I miss that I feel more like a weirdo than ever because I don’t have her to talk to all day, every day about the crazy thinkings that are in my head.

I’ve said it times a milli, I am nuts, im not lying or saying it for dramatic effect, I think crazies but all in the name of hilarity. she’s the only one who gets it…the only one not responsive with a furrowed brow or words of rejection. always understanding or adding to taking things too far.

I guess I love twinnie because she’s like the voice in my head. its like being a schitzophrenic (spelling?) but in two bodies, two cities, two different worlds. her life is like magic bunnies hopping in wonderland and mine is like the drinking & driving line test. should be straight but at times you trip up slightly. I could never live the life that she lives, I’d be out of control. she’s always in it. im so impressed.

but its uber awesome to be able to share and hear the fun stories and document the livings of my favoritist’s life. can’t wait to write her life story. best seller fo sho, opies will love it, probably come back on air just to promo it. cannot wait, except I can’t be on tv I have issues with people looking at me. maybe I’ll be on via skype, that seems safer. I hope I don’t pick my nose or my wedgie…like that time during speedo santa run on ctv. embarrass.

that’s a huge sideways rant…the point of my elaborate tale is this: one of my favorite things about relations is that people work to maintain them no matter the distance and how we can all learn and share experiences through them. I am so lucky to have all the peepees I do in my life and while it can be hectic, its perfect & its mine.


so in the famous words of jon&kate+8, a twinnie quotation fav: “it’s a crazy life, but its our life.”

yes twinnie, yes it is. love you mean it OK!


opie…call me.

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