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Trick or Truffle Treat.

Make this weekend’s Halloween pre drink or party a wee bit more decadent with with this bite-sized truffle recipe. It is a simple sweet treat that’s sure to impress all of those you invite in. These Martha Stewart mini cupcake liners make your fright night treats a little more festive, so if you’re going all out, I highly recommend them.

Also, neat little tip: add a dash of sea salt (I love Maldon) in to your mixture when blending the cinnamon. It really heightens the flavour of the chocolate.
I’m off to Chicago in the AM for my final wedding of this season. I’m flying back Monday but I’ll be sure to post a little weekend look up on the blog.

Since I’m not celebrating Halloween over the weekend, I would truly love if you’d email me or post your costumes to my Facebook page. I want to see all of the costumes I can, so I can live vicariously through each of you!

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