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since the beginning of the olympics, canada has been all the rage. no more do we excuse our “accents”, our kindness, our naivety. we have fully embraced what it means to be stereotypically “Canadian”.

i have been fine with all of this, seeing peeps in HBC Canada jackets (yea Glee boys, ima talking to you), seeing american celebs rushing out of the HBC House with free canada swag and then it just threw me off the deep end: checking my morning news via Lainey Gossip, I see it…Rachel Bilson in an HBC Signature Blanket Coat.

i died.

i love rach b, don’t get me wrong, she is one of my style icon idols. her petite frame and simplistic daytime style is attractive to me because we have similar body types (kinda lol) and i just love the effortless appeal. i know, i know her fiance is canadian, he’s even from my hood, but still…seriously? do they sell this coat in the stores? i need to know…i will pay i don’t even care. this is an item i have wanted my entire life. i have already committed to decorate my yet-to-be-purchased cottage in signature HBC wool blankets.

so, this is my desperate call for action, help, attention. someone get me Bonnie Brooks. someone inform her that this is a Buried Life bucket list item of mine that i need to see achieved. someone tell me where i can buy this goddamn jacket. my aunt works for the Bay and she will be my first point of contact. but please, i need your help. this is a life-altering moment for my fashion career. please, i’m borderline begging, and i’m ok with that.

thank you in advance, i love all my friendships.

lexniko aka HBC Signature spokesperson.

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    February 26, 2010 at 3:57 am

    I am also dying to find out where to get one of these amazing coats!!!!! Have you found anything out?

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