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Three Reasons Why I’m Cool with Hannah B as The Bachelorette

Look, it’s no secret that the general Bachelor Nation population was less than thrilled with Hannah B.’s first go as Bachelorette during The Bachelor Finale. She was nervous, a little fidgety and yes, she didn’t know how to put on a boutonnière rose.

That being said, I feel confident that producers, the showrunner and Chris B. Harrison himself, will do what is necessary to make her feel comfortable in her new skin.

Every season I get tons of messages from people saying they’re done with this show and this season the response was astronomical! So because I am a woman for women and a woman for the Bachelor franchise, I am here again to tell you to STICK.IT.OUT. with Hannah B’s season and convincing you in three easy steps.

Yes She’s Nervous, But It’s Authentic.

I know, I know. Authentic is a term that’s being tossed around more than an MLB baseball but I swear I have a purpose for this. When she came out on that stage during the finale, she admitted that she had no idea what she was doing. I’m sorry there’s no better way to put someone’s mind at ease than to be honest about how you’re feeling. The men on her season will be quicker to open up, share how they feel and you know, stir up the drama BECAUSE she is being herself so why the F would they hold back?

She is the Youngest Bachelorette but like, not by a lot.

Ali Fedowsky was 25 when she was the Bachelorette, and so was JoJo. So ya, I get it’s wild to think that at 24 she is ready to be the lead on the show, but by comparison, does a few months really make a difference? I don’t think so. And to drive this point home, Ben Higgins was 26 when he became the Bachelor, and given the variance between male and female maturity levels, you could argue he was emotionally younger than Hannah B. currently is.


I’ve heard it all you guys. She’s not ready, the maturity level isn’t there, her personality doesn’t work for television. Seriously nobody is here for this girl as Bachelorette and despite hating being wrong, I am standing firm in my beliefs that she’ll pull through. And here’s why: when Colton told Hannah B. he didn’t feel a connection with her, she didn’t spazz out or spew misdirected emotion. She clearly stated that she knows her worth saying in her exit limo, “I will not allow myself to not feel chosen every single day.” It was very apparent in that moment that she valued herself and was willing to stand up for what she knows she deserves. Going into the Bachelorette with THAT attitude is what will be key in making decisions, communicating clearly (she needs to work on this I agree) and truly being in tune with her emotions.

So what do you think? Have I persuaded you to any degree to lean in a little more into Hannah B.’s new season? Or are you totally not with it despite my arguments? Want to know your opinions and regardless of your feelings, I still believe we should all tune in episode one and at the very least play a drinking game: one sip each time we hear ROLL TIDE!


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