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THE Royal Wedding

Over the weekend we got to take in the Royal Wedding and if you were eager enough to wake up at 4 AM EST then you know it was a moment that we were lucky to bear witness to.

The newly penned Duke and Duchess of Sussex wasted no time serving us with a ceremony to remember with amazing performances and the belief that true love does exist!

I’m breaking down what I loved and didn’t love about the day in a Royal Wedding Roundup for the ages.

The Page Boys and Bridesmaids

OK can we discuss how cute these little kiddos are?! It’s a feat to wrangle 10 kids on any day but with the world watching the stress levels are UP. These kids did an amazing job and stole the show. It was also so exciting to have Canada represented with the Mulroney children and twins, Brian and John, had a big job hoisting up that 16-foot veil all the way down the aisle. It was nice to see children included and such well-behaved children at that.

The Wedding Dress

Now people had their opinions on the Givenchy dress – and I am on the fence. Here’s why: I think the dress was absolutely appropriate for a 36 year-old, divorcée on her second marriage. We all know by now there was no way that Meghan was going to try to upstage Kate in McQueen during her 2011 nuptials and what she chose was simple and timeless for a reason. That being said, I took issue with the fact that the dress was satin (urgh!) and that it seemed sooo heavy. It was a beautiful spring day and the dress looked more fit for a fall wedding. In addition to that, satin wrinkles and the creases on her dress during the ceremony drove me wild. I won’t knock her for the fit as I believe she likely lost a lot of weight with the family drama that followed her the week prior to the wedding, so I got to give it to her for showing up as gracefully as she did for the ceremony.

Her Hair!

One thing I could NOT get on board for was Meghan’s hair. I know her hairdresser, Serge Normant, said that it was meant to be messy. BUT COME ON. Those pieces of hair need to desperately be pinned back and I can not excuse the cowlicks that looks tucked behind her ears just jonesing to be let out. It makes no sense to me that at the Royal Wedding you let your hair look like you simply tied it back in a low bun for soccer practice. That being said, I do love how the tendrils fell delicately in the official wedding photos though why couldn’t they place the hair like that for the ceremony as well?!

The Guests

Well this ticket was harder to get than the Met Gala and the Oscars combined. From her Suits cast mates, to George and Amal, TO OPRAH, there was no lack of celebrity at this star-studded event. It is still unclear how all of these people fell into Meghan and Harry’s social circles but they obviously wanted to make the trip and be in the presence of this beautiful couple on this historic day.

Diana’s Presence

Meghan’s bouquet was made up of white garden roses which were Diana’s favorite and it was rumored that Harry placed flowers from Diana’s own garden in to Meghan’s bouquet before the ceremony. Diana’s siblings were all invited to the wedding and his maternal aunt Lady Jane Fellowes delivered the only reading at the ceremony – a nod to how close they all still are, and how fond the family is of Wills and Harry. We all know that the engagement ring features diamonds from Diana’s collection and Meghan sported an aquamarine diamond from Diana’s collection to the evening’s reception. Finally I think the most poignant piece of Diana’s memory came from the inclusion of the hymn, “Guide Me, O They Redeemer” which was sung during Harry and Meghan’s service, and at Diana’s funeral in 1997.

Those are my fast five thoughts on the day and what a day it was! I am so happy for this couple and hope that they continue to represent change and the modernization of the British Monarchy for years to come. The world will be watching!

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