the one with xoxo gossip girl

WE HAVE A GUEST PEOPLE!!! i am so thrilled to welcome Kelli ( the one & only @laguna_biotch on IG) to talk all things Gossip Girl. from the reboot to the original, we go on a chaotic journey of conversation and debate around some of your most beloved and hated characters. i share some early predictions on the new series and ofc have to get into Kelli’s thoughts on Obie, Zobie and Zoya. it is a great chat and i will be sure to have her back on to discuss the season one finale. if you loved listening to kelli on today’s episode you can check out not one but two of her podcasts: Nostalgia & Now and Beyond the Blinds wherever you get your podcasts (oh and Beyond the Blinds is also on Patreon). please enjoy: excited to hear your thoughts on this ep so make sure and leave a review or send me some dm’s with your feedback. so that’s all for today but probably not!

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