the one with kylie bebe

ok we have a fun POV me where i just speak to my feeling settled and happy FINALLY. then we shift over to our keepin’ up segment and go through that whole kylie’s bebe news and the post she shared of stormi with the blue heart emoji. then i switch over to my latest celebrity encounters — that’s right — i have MAJOR MAJOR celebesties spottings from the valley and am ready to hit you with some firsthand encounters. lastly i talk about what i’m watching this week and remind you to always SHARE YOU HAPPINESS WITH THE GROUP. you’ll see what that means with more context in this episode. please enjoy. and if you do make sure to subscribe, rate us five stars and leave a review on apple podcasts or hearts us on spotify to get the latest episode in your home feed each week. so that’s all for today but probably not. okay bye!

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