the one where he got on the plane

we’re going to talk about travis and how monumental of a moment his flight to cabo with kourtney actually was. ofc we have a pov me segment where i give an update on my egg freezing process, the man i fell in love with in monterey and how quickly it ended plus i just hope you’re all taking care of yourselves during this difficult time in the world. we dabble in celebestie couples updates and i give you another minute of what i’m watching to hopefully inspire you to find your next favorite show. please enjoy. and if you do make sure you subscribe, rate us five stars and leave a review on apple podcasts or hit us with the heart on spotify to get a new episode in your home feed each and every week. so that’s all for today but probably not. ok bye! [follow me on tiktok, ig, twitter and pinterest @lexniko for more daily content about our celebesties]

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