the one where chris evans has a girlfriend

we all knew it would happen eventually. i just don’t know why it needed to happen right now. deuxmoi shared a few posts stating chris evans has a new, normal, east coast girlfriend. the fulls dets are on today’s episode plus we dissect sebastian stan’s birthday video to his gf, catch up with bennifer 2.0, MGK and megan plus kourtney and travis. it’s a vibe. i also dive into why naomi osaka walking away from the french open is so important to the evolution of athlete’s and normalizing mental well-being. jam packed episode, it feels good to be back! if you listen make sure you’re subscribed, rate us five stars and leave a review on apply podcasts and heart us on spotify podcasts so we stay fresh in your home feed every week. so that’s all for today but probably not. ok bye.

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