the one where bachelorette greg is an actor

i am sorry to burst everyone’s bubble but greg is an actor. i am sure he’s a wonderful fellow but i am here to remind y’all that all of these people are on the bachelorette for one thing: A BLUE CHECKMARK. anywho we discuss high level bachelorette, chris harrison leaving bachelor nation, more problematic yt men [see: logan paul, armie hammer]. we review scott disick and whether lisa rinna is in on amelia, scott and those photos. then we do quick royal bebe news, i jumbled on a tiktok live and i talk about the celebrity i was in an elevator with and complete botched the interaction. please enjoy and if you do make sure you’re subscribed, rate us five stars and leave a review if you’re listening on apple podcasts and heart us on spotify podcasts to ensure we end up in your home feed with new episodes each week. so that’s all for today but probably not. ok bye.

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