the last one of 2021

i can’t even believe i’m writing this title. it feels like 2 seconds ago i was recording the first episode of the year. and before i get today’s shownotes let me just say this: the podcast got me through some of my hardest weeks of 2021. the weeks i didn’t want to talk or was so upset, i’d get on the pod and tell you about it. THANK YOU. for being my support system and for being a place where i feel comfortable and safe. ilyasm and i am thrilled you’re here. ok let’s get into it! this week’s episode is all about tv in my last plea of the year to have you watch a few series, we discuss the latest episode and season of succession and chat about those final three episodes of gossip girl. i take you through what i think all of these shows have in common that make them so compelling and hope that i’ve convinced you to check out a few over the holidays. please enjoy and if you do be sure to subscribe, rate us five stars and leave a review on apple or heart us on spotify podcasts so a new episode shows up in your homefeed each and every week. so that’s all for today but probably not, SEE U IN 2022 ok bye!

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