“The Big O”

Ok ladies. Today’s post is truly for you.

It’s not about fashion, food or beauty. It’s about real talk.

And today we are getting real real.

Because this conversation is the one that we all want to be having.

And we’re probably having it in our own heads or behind closed doors with our girlfriends but for some reason we’re afraid to have it out loud.

I know it’s taboo and before I allude to the topic any further, I’m ready to just say it:

Today we’re talking about,”The Big O”.

That’s right y’all, we’re talking orgasmic inequality between women and men!

I know it’s controversial but it’s time that us ladies get on board and encourage sexual equality for all.

And listen, it’s not like me to talk about something so off the cuff but I’m eager to stir the pot and step outside my comfort zone.

It’s all in the name of supporting my ladies and being the best version of ourselves.

Which is why I’m happy to start the conversation and to share that I’ve teamed up with my girls, Rebeca and Chloe for a little video series.

Grab your cocktails, get ready to discuss and join us in understanding how we can have these squirmy conversations with our partners and loved ones and that we should be having these conversations because there is seriously nothing wrong with the subject.

We know it can be harder for women to get there.

Durex conducted a survey and 61% of men questioned achieve orgasm every time they engage in sexual activity compared to only 24% of women who achieve orgasm every time. Isn’t that insane?

Men and women have different ways of achieving their best experience in the bedroom. It’s common sense.

So we want to share tips and tricks with you because not only do we want to help you get the conversation going, we want to help you get going as well!

I’m sorry it’s time you’re never getting back so please let’s make the most of it HA!

Like did you know you can use products to spice things up to ensure your time is enjoyable?

It’s easy to incorporate a little enhancement like Durex Intense Orgasmic Gel. It’s a brand new product from Durex designed specifically for female pleasure to intensity sensations down there with tingling, cooling and warming sensations (oh and did I mention it’s one part of a full Intense Orgasmic Range?)

And it’s not hard to suggest trying when having that chat with your significant other…you can easily blend it into the moment so that everyone gets that added allure to their experience.

Plus, isn’t there something super attractive about a woman who isn’t afraid to show what they want?

Let us know what you think of the video and please ask questions for a follow up.

We want to help you feel comfortable about it.

I know it’s taboo, I know it’s uncomfortable and for me it’s even a bit scary to put such an intimate part of yourself out there.

But ladies, it is something that we need to discuss. And now is the time to do it.

I want this to be an ongoing conversation that is OK to have so let’s get started and enjoy, xx!

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