Style At Home – Limited Edition Collection

Style At Home is a staple in my monthly magazine pick up. I really should look in to subscriptions for the amount of magazine purchases I make. I love a number of their features and recipes but most of all I enjoy that the various design themes they showcase seem achievable in my own home.

This is the very reason I was thrilled when I came across the magazine’s new Limited Edition Collection for the home. From the bedroom to the kitchen, Style At Home has created a unique product line that shows off the beauty of simplicity and comfort in the home. I love the clean lines and warm neutrals SAH chose for this collection. And I especially love that there is variety of pieces for each room. Every piece is a subtle accent & a gentle reminder that whichever room is your favourite, it’s important to find joy and serenity in the home.

Which piece if your favourite? Leave a comment below!

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