Storage Wars.

As things finally come together in the condo, the finishing touches are all in the details. And those details need to include substantial storage space. In challenge #42345 of giving this place a little pizzaz I need to pick key items that allow for hidden storage space, and exposed organization, all while using every nook & cranny in between. 
I am currently on the hunt for a vintage trunk for the living room, free-hanging shelving {to display serving platters & create a catch-all in the front hall} and D’s personal request: a bar cart to host Scotch tasting affairs with friends. 
There are a crazy amount of options and I’m still debating between brand new items and those fab finds, but fixer-uppers. Still, until I pick my decorative, multi-functional pieces, I continue to be amazed by the things I find, even when neatly tucked away on pages of the internet.

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