little travels: st. barth’s part two

Ok so last week I wrote about my trip to St. Barth’s and how to get there and where to stay.

You can read part one here if you feel so inclined but today I’ll be talking about what you can actually do on the island.

For such a small island there is truly a ton to explore, see and do so you will not be limited in your options once you arrive.

Explore Gustavia 

Gustavia is this quaint little town right in the port of St. Barth’s where the ferry arrives to.

Walk around and explore the shops (my favorites were Poupette’s and Free in St. Barth’s) and grab an afternoon croissant at the must-visit Boulangerie Choisy. We seriously went to this spot a few times once we discovered it and it was one of the best croissants I’ve ever eaten in my life!

Once you’re full of buttery carby goodness, head back down to Le Select to grab a cold, cheap beer and mingle with the locals while taking in a footy match.

There are so many spots to explore in Gustavia but these are my top picks and you can easily pass an afternoon wandering and discovering many more.

Hike to Colombier Beach

This had to be one of the most physically treacherous experiences of my life HA!

I consider myself very physically fit but dayamnnn this hike was insane. Make sure you bring a backpack, sunscreen and lots of water.

Heading down to the beach is a workout but you can cool off in the refreshing ocean.

My biggest issue was hiking back UP the mountain after. SO FYI, JUST GET READY.

Spend a day on the catamaran

This has to be the M O S T fun day. We actually booked a half day on the catamaran and I can see why groups book for the full day.

You get on the catamaran and they are fully stocked with wine and beers and you’re ready to set sail! The captain will take you out and then dock for a bit so you can swim, dance and capture the moment (for Instagram duh) on this fabulous excursion that is certainly not to be missed.

The catamaran will also take you to Colombier Beach if hiking isn’t your thing, you can simply let the captain know and leave the rest to him and the sea.

Visit Toiny Coast

Ok this was the second hike of the trip and I want to advise that you need to BE CAREFUL on this one.

I was definitely really hesitant to go on this hike but I pushed through and oh my I am so grateful that I did.

Toiny Coast ends in a natural piscine where you’re so isolated, it doesn’t even feel like you’re on this busy island.

Another warning: BE CAREFUL if you go in the water. The edges are riddled with sea urchins and they will poison you if you get stung.

If you want to dip your toes, make sure you bring swim shoes and pack hiking shoes or runners for the trek there and back.

*I want to caveat all of this because I know I am probably freaking you out (I freaked myself out, it’s ok) but this was so worth it.

So long as you’re cautious and careful you will have a smooth hike and an even more gorgeous view that you end up on.

These are just a few things we did while on the island and it was always so amazing to cool off in our villa after a day (or night) out.

To end with part three (coming next week!) I’ll be taking you out to eat and drink in St. Barth’s and I seriously cannot wait to share that post with you!

Let me know if you’re enjoying this series and if you’re finding the advice helpful, cheers littles, xx!


*Photos taken by me and Krystle of

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