little travels: st. barth’s part three

Ok so I saved the best for last because honestly the food and drinks in St. Barth’s was amazing. We were there for Krystle from Dine & Fash‘s bachelorette, so of course we want to spend our nights dancing with bevies in hand and enjoy her last hoorah!

The nightlife in St. Barth’s was perfect and completely my kind of vibe.

I loved that we were surrounded by people of all ages just looking to have a good time and spread good vibes only.

Below I’ll be sharing the places that we ate, drank and danced so that when you visit you’ll be ready to hit the ground running (with drink in hand)!

Nikki Beach

Of course anywhere I go that has a Nikki Beach you know I must visit. It is truly my happy place and this time it did not disappoint.

The group all made fun of me because I was SO happy to be there, order my sushi boat and sip Whispering Angel on the water.

Nikki Beach will always be a good time and even though we couldn’t stay I was told that a Sunday at Nikki Beach is a must-do if you’re on the island that day.


Ok heading to Bagatelle on a Friday night for dinner was one of the best parties I’ve been to in a while.

We started with dinner and in true Bagatelle style, this quickly turned in to a massive party.

Before we knew it we were dancing on the table, making new friends and watching that amazing entertainment the servers put on with every bottle ordered.

It was such a great night and the staff were so friendly, welcoming and the energy of the whole space could not be matched!

Le Ti

If there was one party that did rival Bagatelle it would definitely be Le Ti.

We were seated right next to the stage where burlesque dancers put on an incredible show throughout dinner.

I absolutely loved how they had entertainment throughout the night and they worked the crowd!

My friend ended up being a part of the show as they took him backstage and dressed him up like a pirate for one of the segments.

Once the show was over everyone was at it again – dancing on the stage and tables with the staff and making all of the new friends.

Cheval Blanc

The day we spent at Cheval Blanc I literally think I died and went to pink + white heaven.

From the amazing pool house to the glasses and ash trays I was so ready to be a kleptomaniac and just take every piece of decor home.

This had to be the most beautiful beach club I have ever seen so be sure to make it a must-visit when you plan your trip.

Sit in the restaurant on the beach, order drinks by the pitcher and soak up the feeling of being lavish, chic and oh so Instagrammable.

La Plage

We had a really relaxed afternoon at La Plage.

Something tells me this isn’t the norm and usually this place is bumping but it was really nice to just enjoy some rosé with low key music and enjoy the gorgeous views of the beach.

It was also fun because a few of the servers that we had met at Bagatelle and a few of the shopkeepers were there, so it truly is a place where the locals come to enjoy as well and that made me feel like it was definitely the place you wanted to be.


There was another group of bloggers in St. Barth’s while we were there and this is one spot they had a chance to visit that we couldn’t fit in to our itinerary.

After some research I’ve concluded that this is totally a restaurant that I must visit.

From super Instagrammable drinks and delicious food, I am dying to head here and would love to hear your feedback if you’ve had the chance to eat and drink there.

Eden Roc

We wanted to check out Eden Roc but it was closed for a wedding. SO S A D!

It was definitely recommended as a top spot to visit, so next time I will absolutely have to head there for an afternoon/evening combo.

So I think that is E V E R Y T H I N G littles!

Be sure to check out Part One and Part Two to round up all your St. Barth’s resources when you’re planning your visit.

I hope you enjoyed and I cannot wait to share more travel details with you as I know this has been a huge ask since I am always on the go, so I promise I am focused on giving you all the info you need to make every trip fabulous to feed your wanderlust needs!

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