spring forward.

even though sunday the clocks move forward and it might rain, alice will still have her tea party to celebrate spring. and by alice, i mean ME. that’s right bunnies, j’aime spring. but let’s get serious, j’aime any seasonal transition that allows me to develop a strategically calculated wardrobe on a budget. ON A BUDGET…READING THAT MOM, promise no maxies to the visa this year. i bolded it for her bc she has baddie eyes. love you mom.

with that, i present, a mini-photog blog to showcase some finds i’ve hoarded for the coming months. i will add the rest of the pics latro, just don’t have the images on this cpu.

trench coat from joe, i love you, never leave me.

hunter wellies.
pink jeans from joe fresh. (image coming soon)
my hbc signature collection umbrella. (image also to follow)
my moleskine day planner and notebook (i always write EVERYTHING down, seriously ask anyone)
 my go-to giant purse: the fendi bucket bag.
these are just a few pieces that are/will be my go-to’s for the spring.
i need a new bag for summer…probably will have to sell my clothes, or soul. either way, either way.
over lunch, i am hoping to be inspired by the march issue of fasion magazine.
down the rabbit hole i go.
loves ya.
alice aka lexniko

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