Spring Cleaning

So don’t let my posh exterior fool you…I am the farthest thing from put together.

If I had my way I’d complete all errands and social outings in a fab head-to-toe grey jogger sweatsuit and my hair under a discrete black baseball cap.

Most days, it is genuinely hard for me to actually want to get out of bed. Simply because I am what some might describe as, fundamentally lazy.

And if this shows in one aspect of my life the most, it’s my home.

Cleaning is just not my forte. I am not good at it, I don’t have the patience for it and much prefer letting heaps of my trash pile up until my mum comes over and sets me straight.

But for whatever reason once the weather warms up and the snow starts to melt I get this itch to have everything look and feel spotless in my apartment and subsequently, my life.

It’s actually a therapeutic routine, almost a spring right of passage. I blast music, put my hair up and have my personal cleaning day which by the end of it, I celebrate with a big glass of vino.

So call me cliché but spring cleaning is my time to S H I N E and this weekend I tested this new Spring Blossom-scented Pine-Sol to get started on my cleaning regime and yes…to get my home life back on track LOL.

I surprised myself because I loved this scent and I won’t lie, it kind of made cleaning extra enjoyable.

It’s floral fragrance is super feminine and yummy without smelling over-bearing or full of chemicals.

Also, can we just give snaps to the fact that you can use Pine-Sol on basically every surface and area of your home? This is why I’ve always been a fan, give me an all-in-one anything and I am yours forever.

Despite the weather not looking like it, we are well on our way to Spring, so tell me, what are your Spring Cleaning rituals?

I’d love to be inspired by how you get prepped for the new season!

This new Spring Blossom scented Pine-Sol along with the classic scents are available at grocery stores and retailers Canada-wide.

Happy Spring Cleaning littles!


*This post was in partnership with Pine-Sol. All opinions and housekeeper-worthy cleaning tests are my own.

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