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Social Media Makes You Less Social

I don’t really know how to start this post. I mean I do, I’m here, I’m starting it, though I guess I am starting without an end in mind.

Since traveling for the last four months, I’ve realized that my long-term friendships have been tested and lucky for me, survived the distance.

I’ve come to realize that being in a friendship/relationship with a person who works in social media is a lot like a long distance relationship.

I am constantly on go the and so are my friends – whether its from country to country, or events in the city – and because of that my actual down time is extremely limited.

The opportunity to spend time with my core group of friends has become fewer and farther between and it has truly shown me that I have surrounded myself with good people in my life and when we do have the time to get together, we all make it count and all do our best to show up and be there.

Before this becomes an open love letter to my favorite gfs, what I really wanted to get out of this post is that it’s an interesting realization that working in social media has actually made me less social.

From a free time perspective, but also from a going out and being social standpoint. Because with being go go go, comes literally being POOCHED when I get home.

All I want to do is catch up on my shows, lie in bed with the doggo and hide away from the world.

Chalk it up to my low-key introvertedness but when I get time to myself, I honestly relish in it, because it’s so rare. All of these #needs combined and you’re not left with a ton of time but I am grateful to have people around me who make it work, and check in in the group chat and beyond.

When I am in the city and have time with friends, what do we actually do? I have a few ideas on how to maximize your time with your friends, while also getting the most out of not being on-the-go.

Here are some ideers:

Head to a workout class and then grab a smoothie or healthy lunch

  • I’ve recently discovered that one of the best ways to beat jet lag is to actually get moving. Cardio workouts have been my go-to, even if it’s as low key as walking on the treadmill. Why not ask your fit friends to meet you for a little cardio party at SoulCycle or even a walk outside. This way you get to catch up, be physical and then you can grab a quick smoothie or bite after, guilt free!

Hate catching up on emails? Group work sessions at a cafe or members’ club

  • Plow through the work you have likely been avoiding and then celebrate with a glass of rosé in the early afternoon. What I love about this is a positive mob mentality and whether you’re freelance or working for someone, everyone has emails. There is a sense of accomplish and honestly relief when you actually take the time to sift through your emails because who the heck really wants to do it? This way you set a time to make a dent, you don’t feel like you’re missing out because you’re with friends and again you have a reward at the end to tie it all together.

Check out a new restaurant, happy hour or show (or all three)

  • Because I’ve been away so often, I seriously feel like I’ve lost touch with my city! Not to worry, there’s no better excuse to make a staycation of your day and grab a few friends to explore. I’m actually doing this tonight to catch up with my lady loves – we are hitting up a new happy hour menu and then headed to see Kygo! Ok, so maybe it’s not a new band or show but it’s definitely fun to make a day or night of your catch up and immerse yourself in the culture of your home. Whether it is something new or something familiar, doing it with friends will make it fun.

Cook the books!

  • Ok but not like the accounting slang – I mean grab a cookbook, get some groceries and prep a fresh meal. My girlfriends and I have been loving Cravings by Chrissy Teigen because the recipes are really straightforward and her commentary alongside recipes are right up our alley. And let me tell you – after traveling there is nothing better than a home-cooked meal and a cozy couch to plop down on after you stuff your face. Try it with a new series you all decided to wait to binge-watch or force your friends to rewatch the Bachelor episodes you missed.

Form a book club

  • What’s great about a book club is that you don’t have to wait for one another to start reading. You all agree on a book to read, and then pick a date that works for you all to get together to discuss your thoughts on it. Pair this with some wine and maybe everyone brings a little snack or appetizer to nosh on. You can all rotate who hosts, or have a cozy meeting spot that works but it’s a lovely feeling to get through a full book and then have a candid conversation around how it made you feel and what you took away from it. There’s nothing like stimulating conversation after being away and often alone – while I relish my alone time, I definitely love an excuse to have a candid conversation about a topic I’m passionate on. A lot of authors now have Q&A conversation starters for book clubs on their sites, so a quick Google search will set you up for success if you’re not sure where to start.


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