Ok it’s been a minute since I’ve delivered a new podcast but I swear this one makes up for it.

I am thrilled to be back, sharing my thoughts on the biggest celebrity news stories of the past few weeks.

We got Justin Theroux, we talk Drake and Pusha T, I try to dissect the Hailey, Justin, Shawn love triangle and we go hard on Ariana & Pete’s romantic timeline.

Let me just tell you it is a FULL episode.

And you went hard on me about Meghan Markle in the Instagram DMs so I am explaining myself in today’s episode.

Please trust me when I say I don’t hate on her because I dislike her, I hate on her because her team needs to be better.

There, now it’s in writing. Check out the episode and please follow our Instagram page here and rate us 5 Stars on iTunes here.

Love you, mean it, byeee!

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