lately I have be sneezing uncontrollably. one might say, ‘hey lex, its spring, the weather is’a changing and maybe you’re allergies are acting up.’ but non, this is untruth because I’ve been sneezing indoors. never outside. so ha, you lose, I am queen shiz of the sneezers.

I decided in my hectic hump day to do a little g-search (google) to read up on some superstitions about the big sneeze.

its pretty interesting and there is a lot more info than I imagined but hi, it’s the interweb what was I thinking.

the general belief is that a sneeze is a warning – a sign of good or bad luck (depending on what direction your head turns…slightly specifically aggressive to me but meh). others claim it’s a warning that people are talking about you, or a sign the soul is giving you an omen. be alert, chin up, focus.

I guess its pretty accurate for this point in my life but still I hope the luck is all good, my head did cock right on my sneezies today…got to keep remembering to twitch right, good things will come lol.

in my g-searchies I did come across a funny poem, I will share because I found it imalitte cute-worthy:

sneeze on monday, sneeze for danger. sneeze on tuesday, kiss a stranger. sneeze on wednesday, sneeze for a letter. sneeze on thursday, something better. sneeze on friday, sneeze for woe. sneeze on saturday, a journey to go. sneeze on sunday, your safety seek – for satan will have you the rest of the week!

slightly intense but its old-school England and I think its pretty fun. I mean peeps had to have fun in those times, they didn’t have bbm, twitter and bloggies to keep occupied. I guess I should’ve be expecting a letter today *wink wink* comment below or email me: imalittle dot blog at gmail dot com.

do it, now, because I said so, or else your next sneeze…when you think you’re head’s going lucky-right, I’ll be there, ready and willing…to punch your face left.

bad luck for you hmmph.

yes my bunnies, weird is in the building today. also note this post was made at 11:11…freaky, ya you’re welcome.

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