Slumber Party with DVF

I am constantly looking at other people’s homes & interior-inspiration online. Whether it is on my favourite decor blogs, a design magazine site or Pinterest, I am obsessed with understanding the decorating process and always need to be up to date on the latest trends and how-to’s for the home.

I’ve heard so many tips & tricks for designing your space and making it your own. But before today, I never quite realized how one’s personality could completely transcend into their decor. Enter Ms. Diane Von Furstenberg and her NYC live/work space. This place is uniquely reflective of her style and takes inspiration from her clothing line & a signature style that can only be defined as DVF.

While parts of the space are a bit much for me, I can easily see how the eclectic Von Furstenberg feels completely & easily at home. Every room tells a story; they share bits & pieces of DVF and her unbashful point of view on fashion, design & life.

To read the article and view more images click here. I definitely recommend it!

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