My Six Favorite Workouts in the City

We have a established that I am definitely basic. But I don’t see it as a negative, it’s actually a part of my charm.

One of my most basic qualities is that yes, I enjoy a solid, overpriced workout.

Yes I love to run and have my sister train me, but what really gets me to commit is spending money on a workout knowing that if I cancel, I’m going to lose like $30, so I better get my ass up and go.

I’ve rounded up six of my favorite workouts in Toronto – these workouts are available in most major cities or you can find something similar.

I’ll describe them in more detail below:


Well it should come as no surprise that I love SoulCycle. It’s criteria in the foundation of every basic b*tch. But on a more serious level, I just truly love the way it challenges you mentally and the instructors in the city truly care about their class and riders. I come out of there with a new outlook on my week and no matter what I have going on in life, as I ride through a class, I am reminded that I am in control of my life, my abilities and my power of positive thinking.

Barry’s Bootcamp

Ah Barry’s. This is the workout that kicks my butt. When people ask what it’s like, I essentially have to share that you workout til you feel like you’re about to throw up and right before you do, you move on to the next station. This workout is split between the treadmill and floor exercises/weights. And I find it really challenging, but I feel like I need a workout like this in my week; one that intimidates me a little bit and forces me to push myself beyond what I think I am capable of. Because I always, you know, make it out of the class alive, it’s just sometimes I really wonder if I’ll be able to make it and that’s kind of the point for me.

Studio Lagree

This pilates-based workout on a reformer machine is so damn hard and NEVER the same. Which is why I love it. Thank you to the poor peeps who have to witness me in a class, that literally ends with me lying in a puddle of sweat on my machine. I am not one to really use weights or do any sort of training other than cardio (except in Barry’s during the weights circuits) and Lagree has you on this machine and the exercises tone your body using your own body weight. It is hard AF and what’s better is that the exercises are always different so your body never gets used to one particular flow. It takes a while to adjust to moving around the machine but thankfully the instructors are super hands on, ready to show you how to set up or help you balance.


I recently discovered SpinCo when they moved in to my old neighborhood. Convenience is key and I always target my studios based on location because I know that I am more likely to make it if I can walk there easily and don’t have to worry about parking or traffic. The thing that’s great with SpinCo is that they have these 40 minute lunchtime classes. I have taken them on a Monday and a Friday and they are the best way to start and end the work week – you push yourself really hard for 40 minutes, get a great sweat on and break up your day in the best way possible.

Moksha Yoga

Moksha Yoga is a hot yoga studio and I love hot yoga since my joints are SO STIFF. Between all of the classes I take and running outdoors, my body needs a stretch at least every couple weeks to ensure that my limbs are healthy and flexible. While you might think this is my easy class because it’s yoga, holding poses and twisting my body in ways that are proving to be more challenging the older I get, really reminds me that yoga is not for the faint of heart (especially in a heated room) and is so necessary as a positive impact on your performance in your other workouts.

Strive Life

I am obsessed with the Tabata Style classes at Strive Life. These are high impact circuits, where you’re performing fast bursts of energy in short periods of time. The rest is minimal but the workout flies by because you’re biting off little bits at a time. Don’t get me wrong, this is another “my heart my explode” but I like it-type format, and I guess those are what really work for me. I feel like the instructors push me and because the intervals are short I love repeating snippets of the workout when I’m traveling and need a quick program. It’s definitely a great way to focus on circuit training if you aren’t one to research and get your own butt to the gym. I say come test these classes out and be surprised at how much you takeaway.

So those are my favorites. I think there’s a healthy combination of butt-kicking and barf-worthy workouts, while also all having a strong underlying theme of mental focus and toughness to challenge you beyond what you think you can do.

Like I mentioned above, a quick Google search and you’ll discover that you probably have similar studios, if not these exact ones in a city near you, so let me know if you test any out and what you think, x.

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