secrets most certainly DO make friends.

i've learned a lot about myself from blogging and being candid on the
interweb. its forced me to recognize both my strengths and weaknesses,
but mostly its allowed me to strip myself of all judgment and
acknowledge who i am in front of the universe. its been fun learning,
sharing what lil i know and feeling as if my creative juicy couture is
being put to use.

the thought process involved with expressing yourself is a powerful
thing: self-reflection is a journey many of us linger on the cusp of,
without ever considering the full plunge. its human nature to shy away
from being critical of oneself; so naturally, its with intense
apprehension that I peel the layers of my inner being.

as a virgo, i feel i feed off of the time spent in meditation,
self-criticism and aspirations of perfection-namaste. the desire to
experience my true potential is realized thru ripping apart internal
and external incongruencies. the exposure so intense, im the only one
who really understands it.

its this journey i'm on that leaves me wanting more. exploration of my
actions, city and friendships are a reflective exploration of myself.
such incongruencies are what make my life ever changing and full of
lessons waiting to be learned.

its a challenge and its a struggle but most importantly its me,
finally in the moment, trying to take it all in.

just a few ponders,
goodnight moon.

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