the second one that’s not about cancel culture

quick intro on this as it’s part two of this week’s podcast where we discuss brands and individuals who need to be held accountable for their lack of diversity and inclusion in the workplace and just plain insensitivity toward race in the workplace as well. at the end of this episode we get to the story of Sasha Exeter and Jessica Mulroney and as i mention on the podcast, Sasha is a friend of mine and so i am only sharing information that was publicly shared by the two women so as not to have any bias in the story.

lastly i want to reiterate that if you have a story you want to share or need someone to speak to about an issue you’re facing in the workplace i am asking you to please contact me if you need support and we will work together to figure out next and best steps.

thank you for listening.

love you. mean it. ok bye

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