WIN: Pair of Sanuk Shoes (Winner’s Choice)

BIANCAPRINTS_1011492_FLAMEMAGENTA_0KATSPHYNXLUXE_SWF11148_DARKCHARCOAL_0YOGACLEOPATRA_1012154_ROSEGOLD_0CASABARCOFUNK_SMF11192_WHITEAMAZONTROPIC_0Sanuk makes creatively inspired and distinctively designed footwear for the global outdoor community. Taking its name from the Thai word for fun, the brand is best known for its Sidewalk Surfers. These closed-toe sandals are often referred to as “Not-A-Shoes” for their patented construction, which allows your feet to bend and flex in natural comfort.

You can win your choice of any pair from Sanuk’s collections (not just the four featured above)!


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