Purina ONE Score with Choco

If you have ever read this blog for more than a day or visited my Instagram you know that my pup, Choco and I are basically inseparable.

He’s my number one dude. The best travel buddy, my favorite sick day snuggler and just the cutest face in the world.

Needless to say, I think highly of him. And his health is so important to me.

I know he’s a dog but he is my little sidekick so yes, I get a bit intense when it comes to keeping him happy.

And let me caveat today’s post by saying it honestly scares people that I take such a detailed interest in his well-being that they wonder how I’ll be when I have human children.

I’m ok with the comments. I say it’s just good practice.

So considering it’s National Pet Day and I’m a fun-loving fur mama, I’ve teamed up with Purina to share a new scoring system: ONE Score.

The ONE Score looks at seven key areas of a dog’s overall health; energy level, appetite, bowel movements, skin condition, coat quality, breath smell (Choco needs this, hello) and dental appearance.

I was really happy to discover a tool that would help me measure Choco’s health when no offense, it’s near impossible for me to guess how his food is making him feel.

I’m (Choco is) going to be testing out a bag of Purina ONE Smartblend food along with using the ONE Score tool to see if I can learn more about his eating habits and how they impact his health.


I am really looking forward to sharing my experience with all my furry friend enthusiasts and of course seeing how Choco’s health improves.

I can’t wait to share with you, xx!

*This post was in partnership with Purina ONE. All opinions are my own (and Choco’s too). Thank you as always for supporting sponsored content, xx!




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