the one where the pms is prevalent!!!

i mean…it’s a rough week. we are PMSing, in the home stretch before the election and dealing with all of the emotions. and i won’t lie to you, it comes out in today’s episode. I laugh, I cry, I become UNHINGED!!! so join me and embrace the zany conversation where we discuss Emrata’s pregnancy news, Chrissy Teigen’s heartbreaking return to the internet. We shift gears into Diplo and Quenlin Blackwell and the news of their living together and end with an episode 3 recap of The Bachelorette.

Things are not easy right now, so we own it but push on in today’s ep. And in the words of my new fav human, Howard Stern, I’ll leave you with this, “If I ever enjoy the process, I know I have somehow produced something worthless.”

PLEASE ENJOY! so that’s all for today, but probably not.

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