i don’t know why but today i feel completely drained & numb of all emoticon. after spending three hours of my evening aboard Oceanic flight 815, while consecutively journeying through a mystical island, i am at a loss for words, feeling and mind-think.

there are things i want to discuss…lost, ipad (still), dinner at North 44 tonight ~but for lack of reason i can’t find the energy to string together a sentence full of zip or joy. plouffe.

it’s my hopies that in writing about nothing (chalk one up to Seinfeld) imalitte reborn – alive and zesty – ready to take on popularly cultured topics and reiterate my daily existence for your belly-filled laughter.
i will say this: lost leaves me confused and heart-wrenchingly tormented. it feels like a boyfriend from life circa high school musical is on the verge of dumping me, but i’m not sure why…and still he has yet to commit to the break-up, so i am just there, waiting, “on a break”, full with angst-driven drama and self-indulgence re: the importance of my own existence.
yes, this pleasurable pain is what lost brings to my life. anxiety, incessant questioning, self-reflection on my character and how I would be affected in “what if” situations.

ahhh remember when you were young and every moment of your “relationship” was pivotal and life-altering. mmmm bask in the glory, the hours on end you’d discuss with friends, family and wise elders. all the whilst precluding that you would take any negative advice ~ for that would mean the decease and demise of your oh-so-forever relations with Mr. I’m Actually a Loser You Just Don’t Know It Yet.

but that’s another blog post.

imalittle…le tired.

peace signs for everyone.

with promises tomorrow brings a boisterous and blake lively (boobs) lexniko*

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