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Sometimes it is so hard to keep healthy throughout the week. For me in particular, by the time Friday hits I’m ready to bust out the egg and bacon sandwiches and have a pizza party by noon! I have tried really hard in 2016 to eat right and exercise but I admittedly have started flaking on starting my day with a good breakfast. We’re almost halfway through the year and it’s been going well but it is honestly so hard to plan and prep week after week. Life gets in the way so I’ve been looking for new ways to make my morning bite a little bit easier so getting a kick start on my day is actually manageable.

That’s why I was delighted when I discovered iögo yogurt big pouches because the new format makes it quick and painless to start my morning right. The squirt and serve format makes it really easy to create a healthy parfait for my morning meal. I know it might seem silly, like what’s the difference between a traditional yogurt package and a pouch? But it’s actually so much faster to pour my portion into a cup or twist the cap back on and go. I also was able to bring a couple pouches to work – because they travel so easily and I wasn’t worried about spilling anything in my bag! Now if I don’t have time to make breakfast before I’m out the door, I have zero excuses to get a nutritious breakfast in at work. It’s made committing to healthy eating that much easier and it saves dollars in my pocket because I’m not running to any restaurants for a breakfast sandwich.

Beyond it being really simple, the flavors are delicious – I’ve tried iögo original in vanilla and strawberry and really want to test out the probo (probiotics added) and Greek styles that come with the new big pouch format too. While I’ve been whipping up easy parfaits with mixed berries and granola, you can make a simple dessert with some sweet waffle cookies (pictured above) or pour a serving into your blender with fruit, almond butter and spinach for a yummy and healthy smoothie.

At the end of the day, I’m committed to eating right and working toward feeling healthy in 2016. If I can find fun or fast ways to make that goal less challenging then I’m excited about sharing it with you!

Let me know if you have any time savers or life hacks that help you stay healthy, I’d love to hear them!

*This post was in partnership with iögo. All opinions are my own. Thank you as always for supporting sponsored content!

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