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    the one with your most requested updates

    oh wow so this week we dive right into the big stories and more importantly THE UPDATES. we’re talking finding freedom, jessica mulroney, ghislaine maxwell, kelley and peter and selling sunset.…

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    the one with ellen’s deep dive

    it’s the ellen degeneres deep dive. AND THANK YOU FOR 10,000 DOWNLOADS!!! do i need to say more? what i will add is that we do not touch on conspiracy theories…

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    the one about tayshia and tiktok

    ya ok so this week’s episode goes off the rails. i tried really hard to not make things political, to speak about tiktok from a technological standpoint and angle what’s happening in…

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    the one with the emmy noms

    EMMY NOMINATIONS!!! i feel like i haven’t been this excited for the emmys in my entire lifeee!!! i do a quick run through on my faves but first we catch up…

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    the one with kanye west 2020

    trigger warning: mental illness and child loss we made it through this week’s episode without firetrucks and moderate cuts for the barking dog so HERE WE ARE. topics today include: a #freebritney…

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    the one with the britney spears deep dive

    this week’s podcast needs no introduction. this is the full britney deep dive to #freebritney. note: i mentioned some info on britney’s perfume business and how much money it generates for…

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    the one about claudia conway and chris

    this is heavy on the claudia conway tiktok content. and then we get into some barstool hot goss updates, i make a compelling, cozy argument for why you should watch the…

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    the one with the fyi trigger warning

    trigger warning: conversations involving sexual assault. a shameless plug i will be on a panel this evening discussing anti-racism, diversity and where to begin in the workplace and i would love if you popped…

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    the one with the first Black bachelor

    let’s discuss! matt james is your first Black bachelor so we get to know him, his relationship with hannah brown and break off into her apology tour and that sudden drowning…