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    Basics + Break Ups with Naz Perez

    Have you ever stalked someone on the internet so hard that you truly believe you’re friends with them? Well I have with this mega babe, Naz Perez and she was gracious enough…

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    How I Broke My Foot

    Ok let’s get one thing straight. My foot isn’t broken, it’s sprained. But I think “Broke” my foot rolls off the tongue better, so I’m going with it. So basically I…

  • ya, we're basic.

    Five Ways to Kick Your Own Ass

    Hello from the beautiful state of California. It’s been a minute since I’ve written out a life update post and I thought it was a good time to share. Truthfully, my…

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    Talking Schitt with Sarah Levy

    This week welcomes Sarah Levy to the Ya, We’re Basic. podcast. As your resident feel good waitress, Twyla Sands on CBC’s Schitt’s Creek, she knows a thing or two about reading…

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    Understanding your Aura

    On this week’s podcast, I welcome Aura Photographer and Energy Reader, Evelyn Salvarinas. Evelyn owns and operates Rose Aura, an aura photographer service where you can go in or have her…

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    Ok it’s been a minute since I’ve delivered a new podcast but I swear this one makes up for it. I am thrilled to be back, sharing my thoughts on the…

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    THE Royal Wedding

    Over the weekend we got to take in the Royal Wedding and if you were eager enough to wake up at 4 AM EST then you know it was a moment that…

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    New Show Alert: Where To I Do?

    If 2018 has taught us anything, it’s that I love a good unscripted TV show. I mean, I even gave Entertainment it’s own Menu Tab and it has to be one…