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  • Wellness

    3L a Day Water Challenge

    Ok fam, I had the best time with Keltie O’Connor making a fun YouTube video for her channel. We became fast internet frands through Instagram but when she asked me to actually…

  • TV

    You should be watching these shows

    Ok I know spring is coming and we all want to get up and enjoy the outdoors but before it’s officially allergy season, I want you to take some time to…

  • TV

    IDK who’s lying: RHOBH Edition

    I seriously don’t know what’s going on. Having marathoned this current season of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills this past weekend, I had an idea of the Dorit-Teddi-LVP situation but not…

  • ya, we're basic.

    omg hi.

    Wow. This is the first post, under our new site and I’m thrilled to welcome you to yawerebasic.com It’s been a longtime coming and it was hard to say goodbye to i’m…

  • Podcast

    Ya, We’re Basic Is Back

    We’re back with a brand new episode as we ease into a new year of Ya, We’re Basic. I have a couple fun interviews and we get right into the nitty…

  • Lifestyle

    2019 Goals

    Well well well what a year it has been?! It was definitely one of self-discovery and one where dove in and I took risks, hit the bottom of the deep end…

  • Lifestyle

    10 Ways to Avoid Holiday Stress

    I’ve had my fair share of holiday hiccups so I feel like I’ve created a solid list to avoid stress based on experience HA. From throwing fitness to the wind to…