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  • Pop Culture

    Welcome to Love Island

    All right you guys. We are officially in the swing of the holidays and whether you’re celebrating US thanksgiving this weekend or like me and already prepping for Christmas, I have…

  • Beauty

    Fast Five: My Favorite Face Masks

    This is a bit of a different Fast Five because you guys have asked me about my face masks so many times and I seriously just realized I haven’t rounded them…

  • Lifestyle

    Women Making Waves: NIU BODY

    This is about to be one of my favorite Women Making Waves to date. Why do you ask? Because you know my obsession with skin care, my commitment to my youth…

  • Lifestyle

    Women (and Men) Making Waves: WELO

    So here at i’m a little. I’m not like crazy about Women Making Waves only including women. Obvi we’re all like Girl Power, Spice World Tour 2019 – but just because a company…

  • Podcast

    Miss Congeniality Dolores Catania

    Well I am just thrilled to share this week’s pod episode. I had the GREAT FORTUNE to sit down with the absolutely wonderful, Dolores Catania of the Real Housewives of New Jersey.…

  • Pop Culture

    Hayu Canada is HERE!

    It’s no secret that I’ve been addicted to the hayu Canada app since it launched a few weeks ago. So, because I spent the better part of last week being sick…

  • Pop Culture

    Taking a Slice of Stitched

    There’s a new show airing on Slice in Canada called STITCHED and it is everything you’d want out of a fashion competition series. Nail-biting competitions, beautifully crafted designs and a judging…

  • ya, we're basic.

    Mental Health Day Update

    So I’ve apparently been majorly run down because I’ve caught not one but two sinus infections and am taking a sick day to rest up. It’s been a minute since I’ve…

  • Lifestyle

    Financial Fix with Paytm Canada

    Ok guys, let’s get one thing straight. I am bad at money management. I am that guy. The one who tries their darndest save yet blinks and all of their money…