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    the one that was an experiment

    I DO NOT KNOW. listen we are just reacting to the election race, the questions on IG Live and ofc the DMs about Chris Evans, his sandwich shop of choice, his…

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    the one where the pms is prevalent!!!

    i mean…it’s a rough week. we are PMSing, in the home stretch before the election and dealing with all of the emotions. and i won’t lie to you, it comes out…

  • Podcast

    the one that’s a freestyle

    this week’s episode is quick and dirty because sometimes life comes at ya and you just need to do your best. i am telling you all about a fun event that’s…

  • Podcast

    the one with my first guest

    wow. we’ve hit a milestone! entering the Top 100 Charts and the little podcast that could COULD NOT do it without you. THANK YOU!!! and for the first time ever i…

  • Podcast

    the one with the notorious rbg

    i know the title is deceiving but this is not a deep dive. it’s a mini dive on RBG and we touch on ellen’s return to the ellen show and i…

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    the one all about my career

    “hey you guys! thank you so much for your patience while i waited to announce my “secret project” I’m so happy to finally en able to the share the secret of…