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  • Podcast

    the one with xoxo gossip girl

    WE HAVE A GUEST PEOPLE!!! i am so thrilled to welcome Kelli ( the one & only @laguna_biotch on IG) to talk all things Gossip Girl. from the reboot to the…

  • Podcast

    the one with prolon and toxicity

    quick episode today and a reminder that i had a new episode drop last friday with a full breakdown of our celebesties so be sure to listen bc this week we’re…

  • Podcast

    the one where we’re back

    oh this was a fun week to record. we did it live on tiktok and i shared all the dets on bringing my dog from canada to the us and how…

  • Podcast

    the one where britney speaks her truth

    #freebritney we recap britney’s testimonial, her sister’s IG stories, what could happen next and how we can support. i also share what i’ve been watching which has been that new netflix…

  • Podcast

    the one with second chances

    could we beee talking about anyone else? of course we recap the bachelorette if you can even call it a recap bc i was hardly paying attention [promise next week i’m…

  • Podcast

    the one where i moved

    today’s a simple one: i finally moved and i tell you all about it. i cry. i laugh. i do a lot of self-reflection which i probably should’ve saved for therapy.…

  • Pop Culture

    the one with bennifer 2.0

    look if you want to get to bennifer, you have to endure [enjoy!!!] or at the very least skip ahead my F1 plea. WATCH FORMULA ONE: DRIVE TO SURVIVE. just do…