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    the one with the fyi trigger warning

    trigger warning: conversations involving sexual assault. a shameless plug i will be on a panel this evening discussing anti-racism, diversity and where to begin in the workplace and i would love if you popped…

  • Podcast

    the one with the first Black bachelor

    let’s discuss! matt james is your first Black bachelor so we get to know him, his relationship with hannah brown and break off into her apology tour and that sudden drowning…

  • Podcast

    the one that’s not about cancel culture

    this week we dive head first into stories from the Black and POC communities calling out brands and influencers on their racist and white privilege bullsh*t. from Stassi and Kristen of…

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    the one where #blacklivesmatter

    this needs no introduction. i don’t know everything but i know that i am changing and a part of that is sharing my journey of self-reflection with the hope that it…

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    the one with call her daddy

    This week’s episode hardly needs an introduction. After the sh*tshow that was the Call Her Daddy / Barstool drama I dive into exactly what happened between Sofia, Dave and Alexandra based on their…

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    the one with the harry and meghan deep dive

    This week’s episode barely needs an introduction: It’s a Harry and Meghan Deep Dive. From early 2016, we take a look back at their relationship history, the courtship, the ups and…