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    the one about astroworld

    ok i’ll keep this brief: we discuss high level conversation on astroworld but i genuinely believe this one might warrant a deep dive as a whole. it’s alarming the culture that…

  • Podcast

    the one where shooter’s back!

    the man, the myth, the big friendly giant legend: my friend stephen is back giving us all the dating advice, talking dating app hygiene and answering your questions from instagram. it’s…

  • Podcast

    the one with a lot of updates

    ok this is a long pov me episode: we got egg freezing updates, i tell you all about my dating life and we dive into what it means to start this…

  • Podcast

    the one with life choices

    a big POV me to just tell you honestly and explicitly where i’m at. i quickly dabble in some tv shows and bachelor nation hot goss but ultimately my hormonal distractions…

  • Podcast

    the one inspired by michaela coel

    let’s get into it. emmy’s recap, kardashian news and then we go deep into how michaela coel’s emmy speech inspired my next move…you’re going to have to listen and let me…

  • Podcast

    the one where it’s my birthday

    it’s my birthday and i just want to say thank you SO much for always listening and sharing your feedback with me! i enjoy getting to do this so much and…

  • Podcast

    the one with kylie bebe

    ok we have a fun POV me where i just speak to my feeling settled and happy FINALLY. then we shift over to our keepin’ up segment and go through that…

  • Podcast

    the one where he got on the plane

    we’re going to talk about travis and how monumental of a moment his flight to cabo with kourtney actually was. ofc we have a pov me segment where i give an…

  • Podcast

    the one where i freeze my eggs

    yep. we are not only doing the roundup of some of my favorite and latest hot goss celebesties stories, we’re also getting intimate and talking all things egg freezing. i am…