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    the one where he got on the plane

    we’re going to talk about travis and how monumental of a moment his flight to cabo with kourtney actually was. ofc we have a pov me segment where i give an…

  • Podcast

    the one where i freeze my eggs

    yep. we are not only doing the roundup of some of my favorite and latest hot goss celebesties stories, we’re also getting intimate and talking all things egg freezing. i am…

  • Podcast

    the one with xoxo gossip girl

    WE HAVE A GUEST PEOPLE!!! i am so thrilled to welcome Kelli ( the one & only @laguna_biotch on IG) to talk all things Gossip Girl. from the reboot to the…

  • Podcast

    the one with prolon and toxicity

    quick episode today and a reminder that i had a new episode drop last friday with a full breakdown of our celebesties so be sure to listen bc this week we’re…

  • Podcast

    the one where we’re back

    oh this was a fun week to record. we did it live on tiktok and i shared all the dets on bringing my dog from canada to the us and how…

  • Podcast

    the one where britney speaks her truth

    #freebritney we recap britney’s testimonial, her sister’s IG stories, what could happen next and how we can support. i also share what i’ve been watching which has been that new netflix…

  • Podcast

    the one with second chances

    could we beee talking about anyone else? of course we recap the bachelorette if you can even call it a recap bc i was hardly paying attention [promise next week i’m…