the one where peter listens to this heart

On this week’s podcast episode we address where the hell I’ve been, and why I started up the podcast again – hello quarantine – and then dive straight into business. First up I recap slash try to convince you to GET IN TO listen to your heart because it’s definitely going to be a dramatic, emotional, musical mess and I really think you’ll be kicking yourself if you don’t start early. Then as requested I listened to all four Bachelor Nation podcasts where Peter Weber was interviewed and give you the quick and dirty details and any highlights of the stuff that was said on each individual podcast that he might’ve omitted on another.

It’s nice and easy to get us all back into it and comes in just over 30 minutes (31:20 to be exact). So give it a quick listen and make sure you subscribe and rate it 5 stars so I get the motivation to come back and make them even better week over week for us all.

That’s all. have the best day ever. ok bye.

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