the one on inauguration day

HAPPY INAUGURATION DAY! today’s episode was recorded in separate bits which i’ve never done before. would love your feedback on if it sounds too choppy lmk please tysm. and let’s discuss: i finally go into detaila round why the armie hammer news is bothering me so much (beyond the obvious) and discuss his recent ex, paige lorenze’s new youtube video where she alludes to her reasons for leaving LA – hint: it may have to do with armie. we chat about #benana’s split, why she may date chris evans next (and crush my dreams) or just focus on her currently BOOMING career. i share a quick hot take on the new SATC reboot and we recap the bachelor, episode 3 which they should’ve just renamed sarah’s show season one.

please enjoy and if you do don’t forget to heart us on spotify and rate us 5 stars & leave a review on apple podcasts.

so that’s all for today but probably not! ok bye!

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