the one with the dale moss brand

i have to be honest, the dale moss brand of it all in today’s episode is such a small, small part but jeez i’m STILL laughing about it over here. you just need to listen and then look at my IG reels or tiktok to really get the vibe. ok this week! what a week for d-list hot goss! the juice was strong with these ones. but let’s start with a-list because we got travis barker and kourt k confirming their relationship to people, then we dive into dale and clare’s breakup, do a quick bachelor episode recap shift over the kristin cavallari, jay cutler, madison lecroy and the reality tv showdown of the past weekend. WOW deep breath. finally yes i discuss that article on jessica mulroney and what happened with the giggly squad pod (and what it could mean for summer house). today’s episode is jam packed y’all so please enjoy.

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so that’s all for today but probably not. ok bye!

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