the one where i came home

i am exhausted so keeping these show notes briefs here we go, let’s discuss: why i came so suddenly, how my dog’s surgery went, what exactly happened with my tiktok blowing up, and then we dive into the last couple weeks of celeb news. we got elliot page coming out as transgender, harry styles covering variety and his cheeky IG caption to share the news, MBJ and lori harvey spending thanksgiving together in hotlanta and rihanna & a$ap rocky possibly, most likely, dating. then because i want to torture myself i try my best to round up the latest episode of the bachelorette. idk why y’all. i can’t take this season, i apologize. it’s a meaty episode but one even pescetarians can enjoy (chris evans i see u) so please enjoy!

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so that’s all for today but probably not. ok bye.

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